August 12, 2022
Peder Tellefsdal

10 reasons why electric boats are going to outperform gas-powered boats

We all want to continue to enjoy riding our leisure boats in a near future where we no longer use gas or diesel as fuel. It could be an enjoyable transition!

10 reasons why electric boats are going to outperform gas-powered boats

Nobody wants a boat with poor performance

The future of boating is all about zero-emission and sustainable production and use. 

But nobody wants to buy a shitty boat with bad performance, so let’s dive right in to the 10 reasons why electric boats make more sense:

1 Less noise

With an almost soundless engine, you can easily have a conversation onboard and experience nature without noise from the boat.

2 No smell

 You avoid smell and spills from fuel and oil. This is great for the children who want to swim from the boat - no more oil film on the water.

3 Less maintenance, safe operation

Electric motors need much less maintenance than fossil engines. Electric boat motors have no filters, impellers or gaskets to replace.

4 Cheaper to operate

Fuel and maintenance cost much less than petrol and diesel boats. The EU taxonomy and national policies will gradually increase the price of fossil engines and fuel.

5 Sustainability

Electric motors do not emit greenhouse gases. Many electric boat manufacturers make hulls and interiors from reusable materials. Since electric boats are easy to operate and demand very little maintenance, they are also very well suited for boat-sharing models (boat pools). 

6 The future

All the main European countries have committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent by 2030. Electric boats are an important contribution to a society without emissions.

7 Charge over night

Most electric boats can be charged over night with a normal socket. Fast chargers and lightning chargers will be built along the coast in the coming years, with the same charging plugs that you know from electric cars.

8 Smarter boats

Electric boats will have technology that provides new experiences at sea. You will get a full overview of the boat via your phone or watch. Service can be carried out online directly to the engine 

9 Acceleration and performance

Electric boats accelerate quickly and are fun to drive. Modern drives and propellers provide sporty maneuvering.

10 Plug and play

Electric boats are easy to drive and handle. The engine does not need any heating. Turn it on and it's ready to go from 0 to 100 in an instant.

Be a first mover!

So, that’s ten reasons why electric boats make more sense. 

If you are up to date on the new sustainable solutions within boating, you are also ahead of the market. 

This will surely come, and since this whole thing is about making boating even better than it is today, you will have some cool knowledge to share with others. 

Chech out more blogposts on this site, and chech out the sites of "Lydløs" - the arena for future boating.

See you next week!

(Front Photo: Greenwaves 601)

November 28, 2023
Reisebrev fra Gjerstad

Reisebrev fra Gjerstad

I tradisjonsrike industrilokaler i Gjerstad utvikler Green Waves elektriske løsninger for fremtidens båtliv.

Vi tenderer ofte til å tenke at vi er så veldig gode til det grønne skiftet her oppe i nord, men sannheten er kanskje ikke alltid slik vi blir fortalt.

To be enthusiastic about the green future, we need to visualize the future as better than what we have today. This should be reflected in the marketing of green products and green services.