October 7, 2022
Peder Tellefsdal

Scenarios for the green transition in the boating industry

Thinking out loud on the potential for green growth in the boating industry.

Scenarios for the green transition in the boating industry

In the latest edition of the leading boat magazine in Norway “Båtmagasinet”, the Electric Boating Business Network gets to think out loud on potential scenarios for a green transition within boating. 

The article is in Norwegian, but here are some key takeaways from the interview: 

  • Our market research shows that almost everyone thinks there will be a radical transition in the market within the next 20-30 years. 
  • However, in the short-term perspective, almost everyone thinks it impossible to make the green transition happen. 
  • The headline in the interview spells out a very interesting paradox: Today, sustainable electric boating is perceived as both inevitable and impossible. 
  • This phenomenon has been the case in the early stages of many technological and societal developments. 
  • Most of the key players in the boating industry do not resist change. But they resist loss. And as long as the mental picture of the “green shift” is mostly about losing something that you like, a lot of hassle and poor performance, well….. 
  • The environmental movement should really stop telling people what they should worry about, and start listening to what people actually worry about. 
  • Drivers in the market will push the development within boating - probably a lot faster than we tend to think today. Very few have ever bought an electric car because of climate awareness. They have bought it because their neighbour has one, and because it makes sense economically. It could be just the same in sustainable electric boating. 

For more information on the Electric Boating Business Network, check out our website elbatnettverket.no

November 28, 2023
Reisebrev fra Gjerstad

Reisebrev fra Gjerstad

I tradisjonsrike industrilokaler i Gjerstad utvikler Green Waves elektriske løsninger for fremtidens båtliv.

Vi tenderer ofte til å tenke at vi er så veldig gode til det grønne skiftet her oppe i nord, men sannheten er kanskje ikke alltid slik vi blir fortalt.

To be enthusiastic about the green future, we need to visualize the future as better than what we have today. This should be reflected in the marketing of green products and green services.